Finally, once portrait selection is complete, we edit the photos and do full extraction of the subject and make corrections for color, blemishes, and shadows.  We put these photos on a high resolution background, add all the desired magical effects, and manipulate the photos to our high standards of artistry and quality.  We then provide a final proof to the client before sending the composition to our lab.

Second, we create the "photobooth" print and/or proof selection.  This is when the photo is put on a background so composition can be selected.  Minimal editing will occur at this stage.  The client selects favorite poses and/or backgrounds.  The idea is to have options and provide customers an opportunity to provide input for what they would like for their final portraits.  For example, if the proof has blue wings and you would like to see pink wings, we can make that happen.  Or if the client loves the photo of the child in one photo and wants a different background, that can be accomplished in this stage as well.  Proof selection is to match the favorite photos with the desired composition.  If a photo composition is exactly what the client wants but the child’s eyes are closed or has an unwanted facial expression, just let us know which smile/expression is desired and often we can manipulate the photos to deliver just the right combination.

The magic of creating exceptionally beautiful fantasy portraits is quite time consuming as it involves more than just shooting a great photo.  Input from customers is vital to Fairy Realm Creations creative process.  Full editing takes many hours for each composition to ensure a beautiful and high quality piece of magical art.  The following describes the process involved in creating magical portraits.

First, we start with a raw photo in front of a green or white screen.  We usually crop out everything except the child and “white-out” any lighting structures that may be in the frame of the photo.